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Handling trees can be a big task and is not one you should try to do on your own if you do not have the experience or the tools to carry out certain procedures.

This is why it is best to let professional arborists do them for you as this is a safer and surer way to make sure you get the outcome you want with your trees.

We offer a lot of services that you can choose from that range from caring for trees to excavating them from your local grounds.

Our arborists are more than capable of taking care of any issues that you may have with trees and we are one call away to help you with any tree-related services you need.

We will make sure that all services provided will be done by professionals, with the right tools, and will be future-proof for your safety and convenience.

Our Services

We Provide Professional Tree Services

We offer a wide range of tree services that our professionals can provide you with depending on what tree situation you are facing.

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Tree Removals

Sometimes a tree can get in the way of your daily lives by blocking out the sun, taking up space, or simply housing pests that can become a nuisance.

We can send over licensed professionals who can deal with the trees in different ways depending on what kind of tree removal you prefer.

Our professionals can provide you with tree excavation, stump removal, stump grinding, and even land-clearing services.

Tree Pruning Noosa
Tree Pruning

Letting a tree grow on its own can often cause problems, which is why it's best to avail of our tree pruning services to make sure they grow in a way that fits the area they are in.

This can range from modifying its shape, removing branches and stems, and trimming the tree to keep its natural shape as it grows while retaining safety measures.

We have professionals who can provide you with tree lopping, canopy reduction, and tree crowning services if you need them.

Stump Grinding and Removal Noosa
Stump Grinding and Removal

If you're grappling with an inconvenient stump, our tree stump removal service is at your disposal to eliminate it. We can manage this through our stump grinding service, effectively eradicating a significant portion of the stump to facilitate natural decay or opting for complete removal.

The choice between the two stump removal methods comes with distinct advantages, and we're more than happy to elaborate on these options and deliver the service that suits your preferences.

Additional Services

We Also Offer

We may offer you additional tree services depending on your need for them and these are often required if you have one or more trees near your home.

Our professionals can head to you right away to provide you with our additional services which may relate to preserving trees that you have or removing ones that have caused damage.

Depending on what additional services you may need, you can call us at any time to let us know the situation and we will have someone right over to help you out.

Our additional tree services include but are not limited to the following:

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About Tree Services Noosa

Who are We?

For the last three years, Noosa Tree Services has been known for providing the best services with all tree-related issues, and continue to help people maintain or manage the trees within their area.

Regardless of what tree you need to be serviced, we have professional and licensed arborists who are more than capable of providing you with outstanding services to help handle your trees.

We aim to make sure that you will have no further issues with trees once we have serviced them and may provide you with maintenance services should you require them in the future.

Noosa Tree Services will meet your expectations always and you can expect the following from us:

  • Experienced and licensed professionals
  • Top-of-the-line tools and materials
  • Easy communication 24/7
  • Environment-friendly solutions
  • Fast response to emergencies
  • Time-oriented services
  • Proper services to meet your expectations
  • Friendly and educative arborists

People Say The Nicest Things

Take a look at what our satisfied clients have to say!

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Ryan S.


My wife and I cannot be bothered with tree pruning anymore due to our age and failing backs. Glad we have Tree Services Noosa to rely on for that. Keep up the good work!

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Stan V.


I didn’t think it would be this easy to get a hold of an expert arborist near me. These guys are very responsive and just get things done. Highly-recommended!

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Janice M.


I love doing my workouts and meditations in my backyard. We recently had a tree situation there and called up Tree Services for assistance. They were quick to respond, and soon enough I was out in the backyard doing yoga again!

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We offer expert tree services within Noosa and its surrounds. Check out our other locations below, and let us know how we can help!

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Our emergency services are available 24/7. If you want to contact us, you may do so through the following:

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Six Reasons Why People Choose
Tree Services Noosa


Noosa Tree Services has been well-known for providing the best services that have maintained trees and lands where they used to be depending on what services were needed.

Professional Arborists

Our arborists are professionals in what they do and have all been licensed to carry out all the services that you can avail of from Noosa Tree Services.

High Standards

Noosa Tree Services aims to meet your satisfaction and will provide its services following all the necessary procedures for the best outcome to provide you with safety and convenience.

On-Time Responses

It is easy to get in touch with our team as we are available 24/7 and will respond to you within the day or hour depending on what method of communication you use.

High-Quality Resources

Professionals that we send will always use the best tools for their job and will only apply materials that are top-grade to ensure a better outcome from their services.

1 Year Warranty

We offer a warranty for any issues that may occur within 12 months after our services and if there are any, we will cover this for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company has its insurance that provides coverage for property that is damaged or for injuries caused during the time our tree services are being provided as well when they are done.

We take responsibility for any issues that are caused when our tree service is rendered but also take a multitude of procedures to ensure no problems happened during or after.

You do not need to be home during our tree services as long as we have access to the location where the work needs to be carried out and in case we need any provisions, our crew will have everything prepared.

Many of our customers find that it is a convenience to have us work even if they are not around and we love to surprise them when they come home to see the outcome.

The remains of the trees we service are usually kept by us for recycling later on but if you would like to keep them, we can oblige to this. Many of our tree trimming service customers opt to keep them for their own use.

If you would like us to process the remains in ways such as mulching, we can do this for you as long as you let us know beforehand or mainly in a quote.

Our arborists are more than capable of preserving sick or damaged trees as they have been qualified to do so and have years of experience in saving trees from dying.

The tree services crew that we send will know beforehand what they need to do and will make sure that your sick or damaged tree will be able to gain its natural form through proper treatment. If a tree is beyond saving and are just a hazard to the owners, we usually recommend a tree removal instead.

If a tree is in the process of dying or has deceased branches, this is a good time to avail of our tree services to save it before the worst happens.

Trees are often affected by decaying parts and can eventually die thus requiring tree removal, but with tree pruning, we can help you save them and bring your trees back to health. 

The Noosa Council regulates vegetation removal, which covers plants and trees from private land but you will first need to procure a permit.

You can apply for a permit to the Noosa Council to allow services done.  As your tree service provider, we can also assist you when it comes to doing this.

Of course, we can and we will be happy to do so when you need help completing as well as submitting an application for tree removal or any other tree services as we may submit one on your behalf.

The council fees will be applicable and there will be an administration fee required for the forms to be completed.

Any debris that is leftover after our tree removal services are done can be kept and we can even help you by processing them if you wish to recycle, repurpose them for your landscaping project or use them for another purpose.

If you do not need the tree remains, we can take them and recycle them to make sure your area is clean after our services have been provided.

Our crew will make sure that whatever condition the area was in will be much better than when they first arrived as we included cleaning up after our tree services.

We will make sure that any leftover debris and remains from our tree removal or pruning services will be cleaned out to make sure that the area is all tidy once the crew is gone.

We usually send a crew of tree care professionals to provide you depending on which service is required(tree trimming, pruning, removal, etc.), which mostly includes up to 3 people to get the job done.

Our tree service crews mainly consist of a climber and two ground members to make sure that all tasks are handled professionally but with larger jobs, we may send more people to be on site.

We are not limited to any type of tree or size when it comes to providing our tree services as our professional arborists know how to handle all of them.

Whether for tree removal, tree pruning,  or any other tree care services, the crew that we send to provide our services will be equipped with all the necessary equipment that is needed to make sure the job is done perfectly.

A carried out service location that we damage will be our responsibility to repair at our costs but if no location was carried out, you will be responsible for them.

This does not occur very often as we will dig test holes when needed to make sure that any service provided will be done carefully without causing any issues.

We provide free quotes and you can apply for one on our site. We can send someone over to talk to you and process it when needed.

Additionally, our team can provide you with advice when it comes to your requirements to make sure everything goes perfectly. We also work closely with a landscaping company should you need their services too.

For your safety, our team may need to seal off certain areas with a specific perimeter around the work area to ensure nothing goes wrong.

This will only be done in the area needed and whatever spaces are left out can be accessed regularly but we will inform you first before sealing any areas off.

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